Who we are?

Blingsnation.com is a sustainable marketing platform that aims to help people raise capital for personal use or any business of their choice. We provide people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn it into a stream of income.

Why choose us?

Swift payment

No need to wait till the end of the month. You can request for withdrawal anytime, any day!

Friendly customer care relations

Our customer care representatives are always online and ready to help.

Leaderboard reward

At blingsnation, we reward you for making it to the top 10 on our referral leaderboard.


How to register

Contact a coupon vendor
Pay the registration fee through bank transfer.
Complete the registration using the coupon code.
How to earn
You get credited instantly for Direct Referal i.e when someone registers through you.
Even without referral, you also earn through daily login and daily activities

Our juicy packages

Premium package 
Registration fee =#3000
Login bonus =#50
Sponsor post and commenting =#150
Ref bonus #1000
Total #6000

Platinum package
Registration fee= #5000
Login bonus =#100
Sponsor post and commenting =#250
Ref bonus =#1500
total #10500

Gold package
Registration fee =#10000
Login bonus =#150
Sponsor post and commenting =#550
Ref bonus= #2000
total #21,000

How to withdraw

You can withdraw straight to your bank account or to your wallet. You go to your dashboard and apply for withdrawal, inputing the details for withdrawing into your bank account.


  • A smart phone.
  • Access to the internet.
  • Bank account to withdraw your money.